Robotics Prototyping Services

Official maxon motor ROS engineering partner.

About Me

I am Cyril Jourdan, engineer in robotics based in Lyon, France.

I am an experienced software development engineer in compliant service robotics, and computer vision. I have worked on a series of bio-inspired humanoids and mobile robots where I used my skills in ROS, C/C++, CANopen, and robotics prototyping. I like to keep up with state-of-the-art technologies in my field, and enjoy learning new skills.

I created my own company Roboprotos in early 2021 to share my experience with inventors.


My Services

ROS Development

Design integration into ROS, from actuator and sensor level to simulation. Leverage open source software to reduce your time-to-market and attract investors.

Embedded Development

Get your application running on embedded Linux computers such as NVIDIA Jetson or Raspberry Pi with custom development on MCU prototyping boards for specific needs.

Mechanical Design

Robot design in CAD. 3D models are used to prepare for prototyping with cost calculation, to create simulations in ROS and 3D animation.


Have your robot idea turned into a real physical proof of concept. Selection and integration of the most precise and reliable motors available on the market. 3D printing and assembly, manufacturing contractors management.

Computer Vision

2D and 3D computer vision for tasks such as object recognition or SLAM. Integration of latest Deep Learning technologies like YOLO.

3D Animation

An animation is worth a thousand words. Illustrate your robotics idea with a 3D animation so your audience understands your project instantly.

What People Say

Contact info

You have a project or need information ? Please contact me using the following e-mail address: